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Top 5 Pasta Dishes for World Pasta Day

It's World Pasta Day and you already know we are obsessed with pasta over here at Sunny & Luna. We wanted to share the love by highlighting our favourite pasta recipes we've shared over the last few months.

While Italy may be synonymous with pasta, it's not the Italians who can't get enough. From steaming bowls of Ramen broth with noodles in Japan, to Chinese wok fried noodles either thin and delicate or thick, chewy ribbons. Even the Middle East uses pasta in the form of couscous in flavourful tagines and stews.

Meanwhile, in the UK this simple staple can often be disregarded as easy food for students, or a cheat meal stressed parents use to appease their little fussy eaters. Some of our favourite instagram pages are reimagining pasta, and giving it all the glitter and gold it deserves - check out @natsnourishments, @sepps, @the _pastaqueen, @themondaypastaclub, @simonlove_bagtobowl, and an honourable mention has to go to @pastagrannies for being the original pasta queens.

Sunny & Luna are inspired by Italian tradition, and invigorated by innovation from across the globe, making pasta a healthy choice, jam-packed with at least 50% fresh veggies, and super quick to make.

Check out our 5 favourite recipes we've done so far, some more traditional, some inspired by further afield...

Looking for a fun way to fuse two of your favourite cuisines together? Try this delicious Asian-inspired pasta dish to bring some vibrance and heat to your dinner table!

This is an unusual one for those who like to explore alternative pasta recipes. Light, nutty and lemony, this recipe takes you straight back to summer.

Inspired by Moroccan flavours, this dish comes together all in one tray and it's a colour sensation and a real crowd pleaser!

Grab just 5 ingredients to create this plant-based Cauliflower Alfredo pasta that's wonderfully creamy and bright, and super simple to make.

This recipe is a perfect fusion of Mediterranean influences. Warm, satisfying and full of texture, it's ideal for a chilly October evening


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